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A leader in its field, TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of manufacturing Polygon Turning Machines.

With a reputation for excellence and variety, TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd is known all over India and the world, for their advanced Polygon Turning Machines. With a growing clientele from U.S.A, U.K, South Korea, Kenya, China, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia to name a few, TRISHUL Polygon Turning Machines are flawless and above par. Established in 1994, in Bengaluru, the company has grown leaps and bounds and now boasts of having a manufacturing capacity of approximately 60- 80 Polygon Turning Machines every single year.

The unique and advanced nature of the machines allows for greater precision and reliability.
The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence with the new controllers allows for better end- to- end monitoring, quicker adaptation and higher production.
Among the Polygon Turning Machines, the TPT series of machines are considered game changers. The popular TPT -2S and the TPT-5S are highly efficient, productive and cost effective. The machines at TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd are used to manufacture parts for Power Tools, Pneumatics, Hand Tools, Automobiles and Hydraulic Tools.

As a company TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. values the confidence and loyalty of its customers. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, UKCA and CE compliant which ensures that each of our products are top notch. More than 50% of its repeat orders come from existing customers and its level of products and services have won them several awards of excellence.

TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. has received the EEPC Export Excellence Awards numerous times. The company is also recognized as a leader in its field and was conferred the "Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in memory of Vinod Doshi" in 2020 by IMTMA.

According to Mr. R Venkatesh Kumar, General Manager of TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. "Trishul Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the Polygon Turning sector. We are the best in the field and companies from all over the world prefer our machines.

The machine is seeing an exponential demand with "TRISHULING" becoming synonymous with milling. Now that is something, we are proud of"

TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way and after 27 years of being in the business of providing solutions for Polygon Cutting, the company continues to design and develop newer, better and faster automated machines. Post Covid, TRISHUL Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd is seeing a growth spurt in export orders, resulting in greater dominance and scope in the market.

In the words of Mr. C S Shivashankaraiah, Managing Director, Trishul Machine Tools, "If one can keep up with quality, great customer service, constant product evolution and consistency, any kind of competition can be faced with relative ease"