Polygon Turning Machines

The Preferred Brand for Polygon Turning
Automate Your Polygonal Operations
Trishul Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Polygon Turning Machines are faster, more accurate and higher in productivity. The machines themselves are almost completely automated and are simple to operate, leaving behind a flawless high precision finished surface on the machined components. Trishul Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd has two different Polygon Turning Machine Models to choose from that suit specific application and usage.
Model: TPT-5S
Another sophisticated model that is primarily useful to machine polar arrayed features like the ones found on Ratchets, splines and serrations.

The three axes X, Y, and Z are driven by servomotors. The state of the art motion controllers regulate the precision and accuracy. The Work Spindle and Tool spindle is driven by a sophisticated motion controller with Electronic Gear Box. The Spindles have a very unique feature to stop in sync during power failure.

Details TPT-5S TPT-5ST
Work Holding and Operation Collet Chuck Ø42 mm- Hydraulic Collet Chuck Ø42 mm Hydraulic
Maximum Chucking Size Ø42 mm x 580 mm long Ø42 mm x 580 mm long
Maximum Machining Length 180 mm Max 180 mm Max
Spindle Speed Ratio 1:1 - 1:99 Electronic 1:1 - 1:99 Electronic
Work Spindle Nose Type and Size DIN A2-5 DIN A2-5
Tailstock -- MT3
Hydraulic Rotating Cylinder GMT-Ø80 CH GMT-Ø80 CH
Work Spindle motor 4.78 Nm / 2000 RPM 4.78 Nm / 2000 RPM
Tool Spindle motor 4.78 Nm / 2000 RPM 4.78 Nm / 2000 RPM
Z Axis Stroke -Drive 225 mm - servo motor 225 mm - servo motor
X-Axis Stroke- Drive 180 mm - servo motor 180 mm - servo motor
Y-Axis Stroke- Drive 50 mm - servo motor 50 mm - servo motor
Pos Accuracy and Repeatability 10 Microns 10 Microns
Feed Rate 0.01-0.5 mm Per Rev 0.01-0.5 mm Per Rev
Rapid Travel Rate 10 Mtrs per Min 10 Mtrs per Min
Centralized Lubrication 0.09 kW 0.09 kW
Coolant Pump 0.10 kW 0.10 kW
Control Voltage 220 VAC / 24 VDC 220 VAC / 24 VDC
Main Power Supply 3 Phase, 415 VAC±10% 50 Hz 3 Phase, 415 VAC±10% 50 Hz
Total Connected Load 5.95 kW (8HP) 5.95 kW (8HP)
Floor Area W x L x H 1.8 M W x 2 M L x 2.1 M H 1.8 M W x 2 M L x 2.1 M H
Nett Weight 2200 Kgs 2200 Kgs
Gross Weight 2450 Kgs 2450 Kgs