Model TPT-5S
Work Holding and Operation Collet Chuck 42mm - Hydraulic
Maximum Chucking Size Ø42mm X 500mm LONG
Maximum Machining Length 180mm Max
Maximum Size of Polygon A/F 40mm
Spindle Speed Ratio 1:1 ~ 1:99 Electronic
Work Spindle Nose Type and Size DIN A2-5
Work Spindle Motor 4.78nm / 2,000 rpm
Work Spindle Drive 4.78nm / 2,000 rpm
Z Axis Stroke - Drive 225mm - Servomotor
X Axis Stroke - Drive 180mm - Servomotor
Y Axis Stroke - Drive 50mm - Servomotor
Pos Accuracy and Repeatability 10 Microns
Feed Rate 0.01 ~ 0.5mm Per Rev
Rapid Travel Rate 10 Mtrs Per Min
Centralized Lubrication 0.09 kw
Coolant Pump 0.10kw
Control Voltage 220 vac/24 vdc
Main Power Supply 3 Phase, 415vac ±10% 50hz
Total Connected Load 5.95 kw (8hp)
Floor Area LXWXH 1.8m X 1.9m X 2.1m
Nett Weight 2200 kgs
Gross Weight 2450 kgs

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