The Trishul Machine Tools has become a synonym for Polygon Turning in India and abroad. The Trishul Polygon Turning Machines are very well accepted by the customers in India and abroad. About 50% of the machines are being dispatched against repeat orders by the existing customers. This is reiterates the confidence of the customers On Trishul Polygon Turning Machines.

The first overseas order for the machine came from United Kingdom in 2004, ever since the exports have grown consistently to customers in the USA, Turkey, U K Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Kenya and China.

The company has recorded a consistent growth over the years. From mere `0.7Millian in the first year of operation in 1994-95, the company has grown to a turnover of over 80 million for the year 2015-2016.

It will be our endeavor to be the pioneers in developing new processes and machines to enable our customers to be globally competitive.

Trishul Machine Tools Pvt Ltd is in the business of manufacturing Polygon Turning Machines. The machines are sold all over India and in select countries abroad. The company will retain its leadership in Polygon Turning Machines business in India and will work to expand the overseas market. The export shall be 30% of the total sales.

Highly trained and skilled employees being the true asset of machine tools industry, the company gives at most importance to training and education. The cumulative knowledge developed over the years will be imparted to the young engineers very quickly, and they will be trained to take this technology to new heights. Training and education being the main focus, it shall double the number of students being sponsored for education.

The company will continue to design and develop new machines. The new areas of development will be to cater to the needs of tier I and tier II ancillaries. The global sourcing of auto parts from India will offer new challenges to the company. It will be our Endeavour to understand the needs of the new companies and very quickly adapt ourselves to the changing needs. Automation is playing an ever increasing role in the manufacturing industry and the company will ensure the automation needs of the manufacturing industry are fully complied with.

The company provides direct employment to 25 people and indirect employment to over 150 people.

The company employs 8 Engineers, 2 Accountants and 18 skilled and semiskilled workers. All the skills required are developed and acquired in house. Employees are encouraged to acquire new skills and continue education. HR training programs are conducted for all the employees regularly. The company is law abiding and every statute is complied with.

The company has a defined road map for the next 5 years. The present capacity of 40 machines per year will be taken up to 80 machines per year in the next 3 years. Necessary steps are being taken for acquiring the land and building. The required man power is being trained in the existing facility.

Several new product improvements are being envisaged for the coming years. India becoming a global sourcing destination for auto components, The Company expects a great demand for the products with higher degree of automation. Trishul is gearing up to meet the new challenges and demands from the new investments.

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